Get Organised

introducing the life 360 franchise

Helping individuals, families, businesses and their staff to get personally and financially organised

Get Organised

The problem?

In an increasingly hectic world people are finding it difficult to find the time to get their lives in order. This situation leads to an increase in stress levels, exposure to certain risks and very often the incurring of unnecessary or excessive expenses.

Most people have good intentions and know what they probably should be doing, but they never quite get around to it or they do not have the capacity to do so. In some cases, people are not even aware of certain things that they should or are even required, to do.

From getting all your important documents organised and available securely online, a current and relevant will, budgeting, domestic staffing issues, financial planning, tax affairs, minimizing or reducing expenses, home repairs and maintenance, the list can go on and on! 

To get organised a person will not only have to commit a significant amount of time, but they will also need to identify a number of third parties that are able to provide specialised services to them, requiring even more time.


the solution?

To address this fundamentally important problem, Bizlink has introduced Life 360.

Bizlink has developed several software platforms as well as systems that are focused on helping people organise their lives. These platforms and systems have been incorporated with various structures that deliver the capacity required to offer a comprehensive service to clients, Life 360.

Life 360 is delivered through independent Franchises that have been properly structured and where the Franchisees has received the necessary training and resources.

Life 360 is a one stop solution for people to solve what is very often their biggest nightmare!

How is it delivered?

We use “Life Planners”, indivduals that are trained to help others in getting organised. While the Life Planner will deliver certain services personally they are supported by a two-tiered team of service providers.

Each franchise will establish:

  1. A team of approximately 8 professional service providers (PSPs)
  2. A team of business/service providers that can supply products and services that are relevant to a Life Planner’s clients.

The purpose of these teams is not only to deliver services to the Life Planner’s clients but to also identify opportunities for the Life Planner.

Through this team the LifePlanner is able to deliver services that the Life Planner is unable to owing to the lack of certain professional qualifications or licenses etc.

do you have what it takes?

While there are no specific qualifications required to be a Life Planner, a Life Planner needs a range of skills and attributes to be successful including being:

  1. Well organised personally
  2. Highly motivated
  3. Able to interact with a broad spectrum of individuals, professional service providers and business owners
  4. Able to organise meetings and events
  5. Able coordinate teams of service providers
  6. Able to present to an audience

Revenue Opportunities


Services Provided Directly

Including on-boarding of new clients, monthly client fees and provision of specified Life Planner services.


Referral Fees

Through direct referrals by the Life Planner to the PSPs or other Just Ask team members.


Life Planner Bash events

Including but not limited to sponsorships secured for each event, entrance Fees and exhibitor fees


Just Ask Network/s

Onboarding and monthly fees related to the establishment and management of the network/s.


Management Fees

Fees received from Bizlink to manage certain processes related to the Franchise’s service providers.


Unlimited Opportunities

The revenue a Life Planner may earn is only limited by their ability to identify opportunities to provide the services available to them.

Franchise Costs


 The franchise fee R99 000 once–off

On Going Costs:

Monthly Support Fee of R4 500 for marketing, accounting and ongoing training.


The monthly royalty is 15% of turnover

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